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Virginia Natural Fiber is summoning like-minded individuals that
wish to collectively build sustainable value chains for the emerging
natural fiber economy within the state of Virginia. Please
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Natural Fibers We Support

Our Services

The VAfiber Team researches topics that will excel natural fibers within Virginia.

Our research topics range from protein feeds, pharmaceuticals, textiles, tech, construction and much more!

Ultimately, we assist public institutions and private entities with their research needs.

By partnering with the VAfiber team, you will be adding firepower to your cause!

We do more than advocate & research; we become your vehicle towards commercialization.

Reach out with your natural fiber problem and we'll discover meaningful outcomes together!

Did you know businesses can reach 80% of the US population, within one-day shipping, distributing form Virginia?

We're committed to bringing our partners profitable gains within Virginia & beyond.

Whether you need to build from the ground level or have a market-ready product: we're ready to meet your challenge.

From events to travel plans, the VAfiber team is ready to assist partners with enhanced offerings.

It will always be our goal to maximize partners' capacities by streamlining their networking capabilities.

Why Partner with Us!?

We're an energetic team of go-getters who have access to a wide array of resources & relationships.

On behalf of our partners & clients, we leverage assets and talents that will advance economic gains driven by natural fibers.
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