Welcome to Virginia!

What's the history behind the VAfiber team?

Rob, Geo & Joe first met at a Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition meeting and quickly became friends.  They shared a passion for beginning a Hemp Industry in Southside, VA.

Their first project was to make Industrial Hemp T-shirts & fleeces, working alongside a non-profit in Victoria, VA.

Soon, they realized, Industrial Hemp was not the only fiber crop that Virginians could, and should, benefit from. 

The team decided to expand their mission to include all natural (cellulosic-fiber) crops that could help farmers, manufacturers & entrepreneurs with their respective current and/or emerging goals.

What are your plans for fiber crops in Virginia?

By creating public & private partnerships, the VA-fiber team plans on uniting Virginia's best resources which will provide maximum value for Virginia's agriculture stakeholders.

Their goal is to bring companies, seeds, and jobs into the state of Virginia by working alongside a groups of advocates nationwide.

If you share the same vision as the VA-Fiber team, and want to bring forth a new fiber-economy into the beautiful state of Virginia for the benefit of all, please feel free to e-mail us today!


Rob Ujevic, Geo Ogburn, Joe Domino

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