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Companies around the world are facing greater pressure from customers, government regulators and brands to deliver overall more sustainable products. For the purpose of industry, sustainability is defined as “the development of solutions that benefit the planet, enrich people, and create social and economic rewards”.

Advantages of incorporating sustainable materials & products

The future of companies depend on their ability to adapt to an ever changing playing field. By continuously seeking improvements within manufacturing and the value chain, companies are able to stay ahead of competition. This not only benefits the company internally, but also has a positive effect in the world from an economic, social and environmental perspective.

Companies are being regulated for how their processes shape the world around them. By ensuring that the company is set up with a reliable supplier or a vertical supply chain within 150 miles of the factory, companies will be able to secure a competitive advantage over competitors who are still transitioning.

As more information becomes available it will be much more effective to have a system in place that is quantifiable through materials and products rather than promises and promotion of ideas that are yet to be realized. Companies must think holistically of the entire product life cycle. By showing responsibility in business practices, companies will be able to deliver to a more informed customer.   

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